Note: this tutorial is for using Facebook from a computer. I’ll be writing one about using Facebook from your phone in the next few days.

So you’ve set up a Facebook Page for your business, but you’re not sure what to do next. In this tutorial, I’ll go over how to invite your friends to Like your page and how to post to your page (and how to make good posts). 

Finding Your Page

So first of all, you need to know how to find your page.

When you login to Facebook, you’ll see a section on your left hand side that looks like this:

Facebook Sidebar with Shortcuts

Under ‘Shortcuts’, you’ll see all the pages that you’re associated with. So if I want to make a post through my Echosites Facebook page, I just click on it here.

Inviting Your Friends to Like Your Page

If your friends hit the Like button on your page, they’ll see your posts on their timeline when they login. So it’s important to invite your friends/former clients to Like your page, and it’s equally important to post to your page regularly to stay engaged with your audience.

So the first step is to go to your Facebook page, and on your right hand side, you’ll see a box that encourages you to Invite your friends to Like your page. It’ll look like this:

Invite friends to like your page on Facebook

Click the blue box and follow the steps to invite your friends to Like your page.


Posting to Your Facebook Page

To post to your Facebook page, simply go to your Facebook page (See the first part of this tutorial if you’re unsure how) and you’ll see a box in the middle that’ll let you write a post. Note: it’s often a good idea to add a picture to your post (click Photo/Video and upload one).

add a post through your facebook page


Making a GOOD Facebook Post

I often see people posting to their Facebook page ineffectively, usually by just writing a few words, the name of their company or their website domain. Although this will get some Likes, it doesn’t accomplish a whole lot.

Instead of doing this, make a post that showcases some of your services, explain a bit about your company, and add a few relevant pictures if you can. Here’s an example post I made for a customer:

Facebook post for EGK contracting

This post is better because it advertises a service (kitchen renovation), has some photos of the person’s work, and has a link to the website. I also added some hashtags (#generalcontractor, #generalcontractorcalgary, etc.) so people can find his page when searching for those hashtags. 

A Common Mistake

Another problem I see sometimes is people using a regular Facebook account as their business page. This can be problematic for a few reasons, first of all Facebook can take it down. But mainly, the problem is that it won’t be searchable. If you make a Facebook page correctly, people will be able to search ‘cleaning company’ or whatever your industry is, and they’ll be able to find you. If you just created a Facebook account with ‘ABC Cleaning’ as the first and last name, they won’t be able to find your company by searching for cleaners in your area.

If you have trouble creating a Facebook page, just let me know – I’ll gladly create it for you: [email protected] or 1-800-452-8550