At EchoSites, we use StartBooking to manage our booking pages for our clients. In order to use StartBooking, you (the customer) need to sign up for a free account on the StartBooking website. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to the StartBooking website:

Startbooking front page

Step 2

Click on the green ‘Get Started’ button

Startbooking Front Page - Get Started Button

Step 3

Scroll Down until you see ‘Want a free account to kick the tires first?’ – Click the grey button that says ‘Select’

StartBooking - Sign up for a free account

Step 4

Enter your account information. Note: Unfortunately, StartBooking requires you to input payment information even if you’re signing up for a free account.¬†Your card will not be charged as long as you followed the steps in this guide. I’ve confirmed this with their staff.

Note: you’ll need to give me the username and password for me to link your website to the booking app, so pick a password that you’re willing to share with me.

Startbooking - enter account information
StartBooking - Credit Card Info

Step 5

Send me an email at [email protected], let me know that you’ve completed the steps and send me your username and password so I could connect the booking app to your website.