Are you looking to create a website for your business? You’ve probably noticed that most businesses in Mississauga already have websites.

Do you need a website?

Depending on the type of industry you’re in, your business might be able to thrive by word-of-mouth alone. However, why ignore a sizable portion of the population that searches online?

After encountering a business, many people check its website to learn more about the company. If a customer can’t find a website, Facebook page, Yelp listing or any information on your business online, they’ll likely choose one of your competitors instead.

Simply put, yes – you need a website. It’s a great resource for customers to learn about your company and it can bring in new business.

How much does a website cost?

For just $34.99/month, you’ll get a fully customized website for your business, with ongoing and maintenance. That means that you’ll always be able to give us a call to add something to your website or make any required changes.

At EchoSites, our goal is to always provide the best web design services for a reasonable price. We work with many small businesses, so we understand that our price has to be manageable for customers who are just getting started in whichever industry they’ve chosen.

Will my website appear on Google?

Our websites are carefully optimized to appear on search engines. However, we don’t want to overpromise or overstate the effectiveness of SEO. In recent years, many companies have started selling SEO services with the promise of bringing customers to your doorstep. The truth is, there is no secret to SEO, and it’s not effective without a broader marketing strategy.

Along with SEO, you should be focusing on online advertising (eg. through Google Ads, Facebook Ads), Social Media marketing, posting to Kijiji/Craigslist and other avenues.

Why Choose EchoSites

  1. Local – Located in the Peel region, we’re local to the area so you won’t have trouble reaching us.
  2. Experience – we have over 25 years of collective web design and web development experience. Whether you want a simple website or a more complex one with different features, we can make it happen.
  3. Customer Service – we’re always available over email or phone, so if you have any questions or issues, just give us a call. If you want to change or add something to your site, we’ll gladly do it for you.
  4. Satisfaction Guarantee – every single one of our customers has been happy with our service and the website we’ve created for them. If you’re not satisfied with your website, tell us what’s wrong and we’ll gladly fix it. 
  5. Low Pricing – Most web developers charge hundreds of dollars up front, with a monthly hosting fee. We only charge $34.99/month with an extra $15 for the first month to purchase your domain. 
  6. Fully Customized Websites – Each one of our websites is customized to our customers’ needs. You’ll get a completely unique site for your business.